I Lost 105 Pounds & Off Of Medications


Wilma, North Carolina

What is your health goal?

My goal was to improve my type 2 diabetes.

What is your greatest motivation?

My Mother and sister were both diabetic, on insulin and both died from complications with diabetes. I remember my Mom giving herself shots and I didn’t want to live the life of someone with diabetes.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016, but this year was a turning point for me, as I turned 60.

What level of support do you have from people around you?

My support system has gotten stronger as people around me see that what I’m doing is changing my body and my health. My grandson gave me the most grief, but my health coach, Heidi, helped me to figure out how to handle those situations. Now, he and I can joke about it together.

How have you changed through this experience?

I don’t need a seatbelt extension anymore. I used to save a dress in the back of my closet called my “someday dress”, as a goal to one day fit in it. Now, my someday dress became a now dress.

I have more energy. I think about what I am eating and try not to eat animal products. I move more and intentionally walk more around the house.

Has your health improved?

I am no longer considered morbidly obese. This was a huge milestone for me, because I absolutely hated that phrase - I couldn’t even say it out loud.

Now, my A1c is 5.3% and my blood pressure is down to 111/70. My doctor couldn’t believe my results….and I was taken off of all medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Wilma (right) before starting Better

Wilma (right) before starting Better

How is your quality of life these days?

My life is so much brighter now! I have left the mountain of the morbidly obese. Food is so good - so very many colors, textures, flavors to explore and I never tire of what the possibilities are.

I want to engage more with others. To get up and know today is new and full of potential to achieve a healthy life for many years to come. It is a never ending quest - more to learn and enjoy as I age with optimal health.

How do you stay the course in social gatherings?

Every Sunday I have lunch at the church and I bring my own salad. Whole, plant foods are so vibrant and colorful and people always comment on it. I’m highly focused and only cheat when it’s worth it.