I Had Stage 2 Hypertension. 3 Months Later, It's Normal


Barbara, Ohio

What is your health goal?

My goal was to reduce my high blood pressure. It made me sick and I was put on medications.

What is your greatest motivation?

I had heard of people that were taken off of medications and lost weight and wanted that to be me.

What level of support do you have from the people around you?

My doctors support me - they want me to change. My daughter and I swap recipes all the time and I’ve learned a lot from her.

Going out to eat with friends can be tough, as it’s easy to get influenced by their poor choices.

How have you changed through this experience?

I’m walking more and better able to keep up with the kids that I work with at a local daycare. Prepping foods, preparing meals ahead of time and having basic ingredients in the fridge is critical. I love fruits and veggies!

I now have a blood pressure cuff and keep track of my numbers each day. Being on top of my numbers helps me feel informed and good about my health.

Has your health improved?

Starting Better, my blood pressure was 160/116 (stage 2 hypertension). A few months later, it is down to 120/80 (normal). That’s BIG! My blood sugar levels have also improved.

How is your quality of life these days?

In general, I’m making better choices and noticing the impact of them. I used to have frequent headaches and they have lessened a lot. I was isolating myself and not as active, but now I’m active again.